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Mrs. Diane Gallager

The Signal Mountain Community Guild is looking for an accomplished woman who, through her volunteer work and/or current career, has enhanced education, charities/philanthropy, and/or civic life on Signal Mountain. The 2023 honoree will be announced at the annual Dogwood Luncheon, which will be held on Wednesday, May 19, 2021, at the park behind the Signal Mountain Golf and Country Club.

The deadline for nominations is 5:00 pm, April 18, 2023


A few guidelines when considering nominating someone for this honor:

  • The Woman of the Year must have been a resident of the Mountain (37377 zip code) for a minimum of three (3) years.

  • Nominees do NOT have to live within the city limits of the town of Signal Mountain. 

  • Nominees do NOT have to be an active member of the Signal Mountain Community Guild.

  • Persons or clubs sending in nominations may submit more than one name for Woman of the Year.

  • The winner will not be selected based solely on the number of votes submitted, but rather on the decision of the committee members.

  • All past nominees should be re-submitted to the committee annually in order to be placed in consideration for another year.


You may know others who wish to write personal letters for your nominee. It is not necessary that these additional letters arrive in the same envelope or packet with your nomination. We are pleased to compile mailed letters as they arrive. Please note that very brief, one or two sentence email nominations are not encouraged.


You may send your nomination by filling out this google form or by filling out this hard copy and mailing it in. Keep in mind that the recipient is not announced until the Dogwood Luncheon. We will get with you to assure that friends and/or family will be there to share her surprise.


If you have any remaining questions, please call or email Leah Gallant (2023 WOY Chair) at (423) 364-3655 or

Send your nomination to: or
Leah Gallant (WOY Chair)
1326 Brow Estates Drive
Signal Mountain, TN 37377

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