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About Us

A Civic, Welfare, & Social Organization

Purpose and Membership

Signal Mountain Community Guild (SMCG), a civic and social organization that was formed in 1928, is the oldest community group on Signal Mountain.  SMCG supports local groups on the mountain through fundraising and volunteer efforts.  Members are encouraged to volunteer their time both within the Guild for fundraising events as well as outside the Guild with other civic groups on the mountain.  SMCG also welcomes newcomers to the area and provides opportunities to meet other Signal Mountain residents through a variety of social activities.  The Guild motto is “Committed to Service / Committed to Signal Mountain”.
Every person living within the 37377 zip code on Signal Mountain is eligible for membership in the Guild if he/she so desires.  SMCG meets in the Guild Room located at the Town Hall complex on the 4th Wednesday of the month in September, October, January, February and March and the 3rd Wednesday in November.  The Dogwood Luncheon fundraiser is in April and the annual Scholarship Picnic is in May.  There is no monthly meeting in December or the summer months (June/July/August).

Our Story

The Signal Mountain Community Guild (SMCG) was organized June 6, 1928, with thirteen members.  The women of SMCG immediately began serving the community by supporting and contributing to a number of groups that existed on the mountain in the first half of the 20th century such as the Bonny Oaks School, the Crittendon Home, Vine Street Orphanage and Pine Breeze Sanatorium.  The ladies also saw a need to help the underprivileged families on the mountain.  They formed welfare groups to help transport the sick to a doctor or hospital, teach women to cultivate vegetable gardens, preserve, can and sew, and provided a clearinghouse for jobs.  The current Signal Mountain Social Services (SMSS) organization evolved from these efforts.  
The Guild began raising money for their projects with the sale of postcards featuring scenic mountain views and the Signal Mountain Telephone Directory with revisions every two years.  In 1954 The Guild started saving money toward the building of a Guild Room.  Additional funds were raised through benefit bridge parties, participation in the Labor Day Barbecue with the Lions Club and the sale of maps of Signal Mountain.  The Guild received its charter as a 501(c)(4) tax-free organization in 1967.
As part of the Dogwood Festivities on Signal Mountain, the Guild began sponsoring a luncheon in 1969 at which a Woman of the Year is presented.  The annual Dogwood Luncheon, currently hosted at the Signal Mountain Golf and Country Club, is held in April and continues to be a major fundraiser for the Guild.  
The Guild Room was completed in October 1979 along with the rest of the Town Center complex.  The Guild planned the dedication service which was held at the Town Center.  Monthly SMCG meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of select months in this room located at 111 Ridgeway Avenue.
In March 1991 SMCG established a Scholarship Fund to assist residents needing financial assistance with their continuing education.  This $1,000 scholarship is awarded at the annual Guild picnic in May.

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